How to Self Publish on Amazon Kindle


I already had dozens of videos on YouTube, and I wasn’t sure about this one.

I had done a popular Webinar on being a self published author on Amazon Kindle, and I already had the video file so I thought “What the heck, I’ll put in on YouTube.”

I didn’t think many people would wade through nearly two hours of me talking about self publishing – but I was WRONG!

The video has just cracked 10,000 views!

That is with no marketing, no promotion, nothing.

According to recent research by US Publisher Jenkins Group,  “81 percent of people feel they have a book in them — and should write it.”

I guess why my video is so popular. Most people have a book inside them and they feel they should write it!!!

Well join the thousands and watch the webinar here. It talks all about why I am successful as an author. Click now:

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Here is the YouTube link:

Happy Writing!

Oli :)


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